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Global learning at this Ngaglik Sleman Inclusive School


Parents who want individualised, supportive, challenging and caring environments for their child’s educational development choose services offered by Yayasan Tunas Cerdas Gemilang.

Our programmes

Our programs are an exciting, joyful and rewarding educational experience that help students learn how to create a better world for all. We develop the positive human aspects and attributes of every child by:

  • possessing a well researched, developed and articulated philosophy

  • having a clear sense of purpose and direction, and

  • using a unique and individual student teacher interactional style to develop holistic leaders.

We are a community of educators working together with non-biased, creative children who are curious to discover new horizons, be self-disciplined, responsible and flexible.

We engage with the community

We draw on diverse skills and expertise from Indonesia and around the world.

Our international best practice programs and curricula are age appropriate and culturally relevant.

We all collaborate to be the best we can be.

Children with extra needs are welcome.

To contact us for more information or if you are interested in joining our community as a supporter, advisor, volunteer or staff member click here.