Sekolahku-MySchool is a not-for-profit, inclusive, creative and inquiry-based school and community.

We providing specialised learning for children from Playgroup to Grade 6.

Through our Innovative Programs and specialised approach, we support and facilitate children’s holistic development in a caring, responsive and inclusive environment.

We believe that inclusion means all students engage fully in learning together at their individual levels of development without distinction of background, race, religion, nationality, gender, social or economic status, competencies or abilities.

All children are welcome including those with special needs who participate in our programs with appropriate teacher support.

Scholarships are available for children with carers in straitened circumstances through donations provided by generous benefactors.

We encourage all students to create a positive future through
our global, dynamic and innovative programs based on:



Living values with respect for each other and nature

Mental agility

Inclusive education

Multicultural awareness

Enquiry-based learning

What’s been on recently..


Have a look at some of the pictures below for a glimpse of life at our school: